Art by Alice Baer

Why do I love being a counsellor?

 By Alice Baer
April 24, 2021
May 3, 2021

Let’s start with wanting to make a positive change,

to someone who’s feeling rather estrange –

from their emotions, their life and their past

having feelings of conflict that last.

To be a fellow traveller in the journey of growth,

Is hugely rewarding - for us both.

Making a difference to someone’s being,

Enabling the act of freeing,

Freeing themselves, grow to their potential full,

is - for me - a really strong pull.

Next, let’s look at my skills and strengths,

I am not hesitant to go to great lengths

to make sure I do my best and being devoted,

my reliability and commitment have been noted.

What’s more, what qualities do I possess?

Being a good listener – I guess.

I can be sensitive, patient, tolerant and warm,

With a trustworthy, empathetic and open form.

Resilient and I like to take risks,

By nature, playful, positive – prone to frisk.

That’s it … oh, I nearly forget,

I have an immensely curious head.

I want to find out how people tick,

Is it nature or nurture that’s doing the trick?

To know what a person is thinking and feeling,

That understanding starts the healing.

I have a hunch –you’ve realised by now

And you might be thinking wow,

She really likes language and words and rhyme,

Having two languages in my head anytime.

See, I think it gives me a head start

To learn the language of the heart.

I hope you would agree with me,

Listening is certainly the key.

Counselling – you learn the language of feeling,

Really, the sky here is the ceiling.

While on a roll, let’s think about this,

A reason easy to miss,

I like working with people, the whole range,

More diverse the better – love the exchange.

I feel empathy, compassion and affection for them,

Counselling relationships are a real gem.

Many reasons I can think of and list,

Many more I haven’t said, but also exist.

At the end of the day

It is difficult to convey.

And in hindsight:

It just feels right.