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Everyone struggles at some point in their life.

Counselling can help you overcome difficult times.

Alice Baer (BACP registered counsellor)

A Warm Welcome.

My name is Alice.

I am a qualified counsellor and supervisor.

I can help you to understand and make sense of your feelings and relationships, explore your potential and strengths, support you to move forward in your life.

I offer a safe and confidential space in which you will be heard and embraced as the person you are whilst exploring who you want to be.

"Counselling enables growth and change"

My specialisms.


I am experienced and trained in supporting autistic individuals. I can help you understand and accept yourself, as well as assisting you to develop strategies to manage your life and relationships in a positive and healthy way. I offer counselling tailored to your needs.


I have worked with many ADHD clients, diagnosed and self-identifying; supporting them in their journey of self-discovery and acceptance, as well as developing ways to manage their relationships and lives better. I am trained in helping ADHD clients and are able to adapt my counselling approach accordingly.


Through training and experience, I am skilled in supporting clients who struggle with anxiety. I can support you to explore your anxiety, become more aware of your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and triggers. Sessions can help you improve coping and managing strategies, develop healthy, positive habits and support systems.


I offer compassionate and professional supervision where you will be supported in your practice and client work; whilst being positively challenged and encouraged to develop and grow as a professional and ethical counsellor.

I also have experience of working with.

Relationship issues, identity and self-worth, trauma, depression, stress, loss and grief, loneliness and isolation.

FREE initial call.

Contact me for an initial 15 mins chat online or on the phone.

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My blog.

Updated on 
September 28, 2022

Challenging the labels of neurodiversity - different, not less

Many of my neurodivergent clients arrive to their first session, weight down by anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, having experienced discrimination, bullying and the feeling of never fitting in. They have been told they are lazy, stupid and uncaring. They are wondering: What is wrong with me and how can I be fixed?

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Updated on 
May 3, 2021

What is Counselling?

The following article gives you an overview of what counselling is, of some different approaches and styles of therapy and how to find the right therapist for you.

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Updated on 
May 1, 2021

“But autistic people don’t want relationships”

Discussing misunderstandings and misconceptions about autism as part of Autism Awareness Week 2021.

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Updated on 
May 1, 2021

Why do I love being a counsellor?

I love poetry, the rhythms and aesthetics, the rolling of words and the depths of images. Poetry can be a powerful way to express our feelings. Here is a poem I wrote about my love and passion of being a counsellor.

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Get in touch.

I offer online and telephone sessions for adults in English and German.
I also offer face to face sessions in Tunbridge Wells.

My fees.

  • £55 for daytime 50 mins sessions.
  • £60 for evening 50 mins sessions.
  • £50 for 60 mins supervision sessions (shorter or longer supervision sessions are negotiable).
  • £45 for 50 mins concession sessions with counselling students.

FREE initial call.

Book a 15 mins free chat online or on the phone.

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Alice Baer.

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“I am here to accompany you on your journey.”
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